Geotechnical Investigation

The boring and drilling methodology is based on the Indian standard code of practice. Based on the client requirement a Single Tube, Double Tube or a Triple Tube is used for different ground strata.

The company is capable of undertaking exploration on both land and marine environments. For the purposes of marine investigation, the company possesses Floating Platforms.

Geotechnical Testing

  • Field Testing

    1. Standard Penetration Test as per IS: 2131
    2. California Bearing Ratio Test as per IS: 2720
    3. Plate Load Test as per IS: 1888
    4. Dynamic Cone Test Light & heavy Probe as per IS: 4968 (Part I & II)
    5. Benkelman Beam Test as per IS: 81:1997
    6. Soil Resistivity
    7. Vane Shear Test as per IS: 4434
    8. Permeability Test (Single/Double/Packer) as per IS: 5529 (Part I & II)
    9. Pocket Vane Shear Test

  • Laboratory Testing

    1. Natural Moisture Content as per IS: 2720
    2. Liquid Limit, Shrinkage Limit, Specific Gravity Test as per IS:2720 Part V:1985
    3. Grain size Analysis (Hydrometer/Sieve) Test as per IS: 2720 Part IV
    4. Specific Gravity as per IS: 2720 Part III
    5. Direct Shear Test as per IS: 2720
    6. Consolidation Test as per IS: 2720
    7. Unconfined Compression Test as per IS: 2720 Part X 1991
    8. Lab. California Bearing Ratio Test as per IS: 2720 Part XVI 1987
    9. Lab. Permeability Test (Constant/Falling Head Method) as per IS: 2720 Part XVII
    10. Lab. Vane Shear Test as per IS: 2720 Part XII
    11. Swelling Pressure Test
    12. Proctor Compaction Test (Standard modified) as per IS: 2720 Part XIV

Geotechnical Investigation Report

Upon completion of the entire field and laboratory work, a formal report containing the procedure adopted for investigation, field observations, detailed bore logs, subsoil sections, field test results, laboratory observations and test results both in tabular as well as graphical form and practical and theoretical considerations for the interpretation of test results is prepared.

Then, as per clients' requirement, a detailed final report is prepared taking into consideration the above parameters and recommendations are made for foundations under different types of structures envisaged in the area under investigation.