Human Resources (HR)

Our People are Our Biggest Asset!

With their endeavours, involvement and commitment, PNSCO has continued to be among the top players in the field of Civil Engineering. "Individual commitment to a group effort that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work."

The organization is broadly divided into the following departments.
  1. Survey Department

    • We at PNSCO have a strong and competent team of surveyors with proper ITI certifications. With their professional knowledge and experience, our surveyors undertake various survey activities at many sites all over India.

  2. Geotechnical Department

    • Our Geotechnical Department is a blend of well qualified people and expert associates. This team includes Geotechnical Engineers, Geologist, Laboratory Technicians, Trained Operators and other skilled labour.

  3. Engineering Department

    • Our Engineering Department employs experienced civil engineers from reputed universities with advanced degrees in varied specialisations such as Transportation Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering and Hydraulic Engineering.

  4. GIS Department

    • Our GIS Department contains a unique mix of talent with backgrounds in GIS Application Development, Database Management and Surveying. Our staff is proficient in leading industry GIS Platforms such as ARC GIS, GRAM++ and other open source software such as QGIS and KOSMO.

  5. CAD Department

    • Our CAD Department is a proficient team of CAD operators who are specialists in various computer software such as AutoCAD, Auto Plotter, AutoCAD Land Desktop 2007 and Auto Civil.

  6. HR , Administration and Accounts Department

    • Our HR, Administration and Accounts team coordinates all the stakeholders of our company. Managing human as well as financial capital is the core task of this team. An essential duty of ensuring a good amount of harmony in various activities of the company is accomplished by this team.
There are also many other employees, some permanent, some temporary who contribute to the perpetual growth of the company such as our Labours, Cooks, Drivers, Housekeeping and Office Boys.