Transportation Engineering

We offer services in all three key fields in Transportation Engineering: Roadway Design, Traffic Design and Transportation Planning. Highly qualified staff and associates with both national and international experience ensure technically sound and timely completion of projects.

Road Infrastructure Design

Design of roads and bridge structures is governed by the Indian Roads Congress (IRC) Codes and Specifications for Road and Bridges as set out by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH).

Design of a highway / road begins with a conceptual design and a proposal. Based on this and a detailed survey, the task of detailed engineering of the highway / road is undertaken. The geometric design of the new highway entails design of horizontal alignment, vertical profile and cross-section elements based on relevant IRC codes and MoRTH specifications. Pavement design and roadway drainage design are also an integral part of the overall design. The end product of this assignment is Final Report and a set of working drawings (Plan, Profile, Cross-sections, Specification drawings and ancillary drawings).

The scope and level of detail for the work is dictated by the overall stage of the project. We provide services at all stages of design Pre-feasibility, Feasibility / Preliminary and Detailed Engineering Design.

Following design services are offered under "Roadway Design" umbrella:
  • New Highway / Roadway design
  • Interchange design
  • Existing Roadway widening and rehabilitation design
  • Urban street design
  • Intersection design
  • Traffic calming measures
  • Streetscaping

Traffic Engineering

With India and its urban areas growing at a breakneck pace, it leaves the relevant development authorities grappling with problems of traffic congestion and mismanagement of traffic. Any new development creates an impact on the surrounding road infrastructure. And it is advisable, prior to developing an area, to determine the overall effects, the proposed business is likely to incur and whether the current road / traffic infrastructure is adequate to accommodate the additional traffic volume. Following value added services are offered by us -
  • Traffic studies
  • Traffic impact assessment
  • Traffic signal design

Transportation Planning

Transportation planning which is an integral part of any Town Planning project involves numerous elements in order to provide for a harmonious development: adequate and convenient access, roadway systems capable of accommodating the traffic associated with the development uses, sufficient parking, proper signing, etc. We are capable of providing the following services to cater to your Transportation Planning needs -
  • Traffic management plan
  • Detour plan
  • Parking Studies
  • Parking Design
  • Parking Management
  • Disaster management plan
  • Traffic modelling